San Diego World Affairs Council’s work is organized though a number of committees. We would be delighted to welcome interested volunteers to offer their time and expertise in service on one or more committees.

Academic Outreach

Committee Chair: Mary M. McKenzie

The Academic Outreach Committee focuses on SDWAC’s interactions with San Diego’s educational community. The committee plans to expand our programs to include additional opportunities for San Diego area high school and college and university communities.


Committee Chair: Reno L. Harnish, III

The Program Committee helps the San Diego World Affairs Council to fulfill its mission to educate by planning, developing, and organizing lectures, Flashpoint Discussions, forums, business luncheons, cultural dinners, ambassadorial banquets, and targeted symposia on global issues.


Committee Chair: Dan Ruchman

The Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing the San Diego World Affairs Council’s performance, develops the budget, and analyzes the performance of any established endowment funds. This committee is chaired by the Treasurer of the San Diego World Affairs Council.

Public Relations

Committee Chair: Lulu Hsu

The Public Relations Committee increases the Council’s visibility in the community through developing and maintaining working relations with the media, producing appropriate publicity materials and maintaining interactions with other organizations.


Committee Chair:  Earl “Joe” Eldred

The Membership Committee is responsible for developing and managing relationships with individual and institutional members. This committee also plays a role in managing event registrations and ensuring that each member's dues is accounted for.


Committee Chair: John Schlosser

The Development Committee identifies and pursues funding opportunities through sponsorships, grants, and donations.


Mailing Address

San Diego World Affairs Council

113 West G Street #601

San Diego, CA 92101


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