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The North County Chapter (NCC) is a subsidiary of the San Diego World Affairs Council (SDWAC). 

NCC has temporarily replaced its weekly Thursday Morning Meetings with biweekly Thursday Morning Meetings on Zoom.

The goal of the meetings is to address a wide range of geopolitical issues and to do so in a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. 

The format is to open the Zoom room for conversation at 9:30 AM, turn the stage over to a speaker at 10:00, hold a Q&A at 11:00 and then close the meeting at 12:00 but leave the Zoom room open for further discussion until everyone decides to leave.

Detailed information about upcoming meetings, as well as videos of many past presentations, can be found at

The NCC was formed to promote public interest in, and to encourage and facilitate, the study of foreign policy and international affairs. The NCC takes no stand on any public issue, policy or candidate. It encourages free, fair and civil discussion of a wide range of topics at the Thursday Morning Forums held throughout the year. Learn more at


Mailing Address

San Diego World Affairs Council (SDWAC)

PO Box 34010

San Diego, CA 92163


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