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San diego world affairs council

 Annual Fundraising Dinner

featuring six-time u.s. ambassador ryan crocker

 "Middle East Meltdown: Causes and Consequences"

The modern Middle East is 100 years old. Those lines on the map were drawn by the French and the British, and ratified by the 1919 Versailles treaty.

What we are seeing now is unprecedented. The region has always been the scene of coups and revolutions. This is different -we are seeing complete state failure, in Libya, in Yemen, and most horrifically in Syria. What has led to this? Where will it go? Why is it important? What can we do about it? These are profound questions for America’s national security and place in the world.

About Our Speaker:

Ambassador Ryan Crocker is currently Diplomat-in-Residence, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. 

. He served in the Foreign Service for 37 years and, after retiring, was recalled to active duty by President Obama in 2011 to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan. He has served as US Ambassador six times: Afghanistan (2011-2012), Iraq (2007-2009), Pakistan (2004-2007), Syria (1998-2001), Kuwait (1994-1997), and Lebanon (1990-1993). Since joining the Foreign Service in 1971, he also has had assignments in Iran, Qatar, Iraq and Egypt, as well as Washington.

Ambassador Crocker has received many of the nation’s highest honors, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Presidential Distinguished Service Award, the State Department Secretary’s Distinguished Service Award, the Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award, the State Department Distinguished Honor Award, The Award for Valor, three Superior Honor Awards, and the American Foreign Service Association’s Rivkin Award. When he stepped down as Ambassador in Kabul in 2012, Crocker was named an Honorary Marine by the United States Marine Corps.

Friday, April 27, 2018

6:00-7:00 PM Registration & Reception

7:00 PM Dinner and Announcements

7:45-8:30 PM Keynote

8:30-9:00 PM Q&A


San Diego Marriott Mission Valley
8757 Rio San Diego Drive

San Diego, CA 92108

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