The Prez Sez 

January 2019 

By Bill Davison 

I hope that everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving and soon will be having an even Merrier Holiday Season - be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you choose to celebrate!

I would next like to extend, on behalf of the NCC, a warm welcome to our newest member, Dominique Batiste. We all hope that you find the time you spend with us to be as informative and enjoyable as many of us have found ours to be.

And, I would like to remind everyone that it is time to renew your membership if you haven’t done so recently.  You can find the appropriate form to do that below, at the table near the entrance to our Thursday Programs that Bob Ning and his colleagues have set up, or on our website (

On the evening of Dec 19, SDWAC will present a program entitled An Overview of the Mexican Consulate in San Diego by Consul General Carlos González Gutiérrez who will offer his insights and perspective. The Consulate of Mexico in San Diego is in the heart of the Cali-Baja mega region, where thousands commute between two countries that exchange millions of dollars’ worth of goods & services every day, and serves as a tireless promoter for the many drivers which make our cross-border region so distinctly unique. You can obtain more information and register for the program at the SDWAC website

And, if I may repeat a few requests from last month’s Newsletter, we are still looking for volunteers to serve as backups for our Newsletter and IT activities. If you would be willing to take the time to learn what is needed to discharge either of these responsibilities, please let Ray Sutton ( know for the Newsletter and me ( for the IT. Also, if anyone knows of any high school teacher or administrator who might be interested in learning more about the Academic WorldQuest, please contact Cy Chadley (

Also, I want to point out that, in recognition of the holiday season, we will not be having any Thursday Programs on either December 26 or January 2.

And, finally, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year in 2020. 

Thank you.

For further information, email Cy Chadley at Upcoming events of the San Diego World Affairs Council and our North County Chapter can be seen on

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