The Prez Sez 

By Bill Davison 

To begin with, I would like, on behalf of the NCC, to extend a warm welcome to our newest members – Robert Cerveny, Jane LaFazio and Don Strom. We hope that you will find your time spent here as pleasant and educational as many of us have found ours and that you will also take the time to participate actively in all of our events.

Next, I want to welcome everyone back to our Thursday Morning Programs. Even though a “vacation” month has certain attractions, I must say that I’ve had a growing desire to learn more about the implications of what I see in the news each day – and have a group of intelligent people to disagree with about it! As you can see from the information on the next page, our September Programs look to be a very interesting collection. For me, September 5th can’t come soon enough!!!

Excellent progress was made this month towards completing the list of officers needed to maintain the smooth operations of NCC.  Kiki Munshi and Tom Reeve agreed to work together as Co-Chairs of the Program Committee and Margot Laue agreed to serve as Co-Secretary with Mary Agne.

As Co-Chairs, Kiki will serve as Newsletter Program Input Editor and Tom will serve as Program Schedule Coordinator; and they both will work together with other Program Committee Members, as well as other NCC Members, to identify interesting topics and speakers. 

In that vein, if you have any speakers that you would like to recommend for a Thursday Morning Program, would you please contact either Kiki at or Tom at and discuss your thoughts with them? 

On August 28th, SDWAC will present a program entitled Fusion Energy Research and the Creation of Miniature Stars for Electricity at which Dr. Alessandro Bortolon will describe fusion energy - the energy source that powers the sun and the stars. During his presentation, Dr. Bortolon will discuss the world wide scientific and technological efforts to bring fusion energy to earth as a long term, safe and clean energy source. For additional information or to register for this talk, please go to

And finally – Welcome Back for what will hopefully be a very entertaining and informative year! Thank you.

For further information, email Cy Chadley at Upcoming events of the San Diego World Affairs Council and our North County Chapter can be seen on

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