The Prez Sez

By Bill Davison

To begin with, I would like, on behalf of the NCC, to extend a warm welcome to our new members – Patricia Munyon, Edie Weeks and Linda Fornelli. We look forward to your involvement in our activities and we hope that you will find your time spent here as informative and enjoyable as many of us have found ours. Next, thanks are due to the 2019 NCC Board Nominating Committee which recently finished its work and submitted a report containing its recommendations for the membership of the NCC Board of Directors for the 2019-2020 Term.

The Committee, which consisted of Mary Agne, Jim Larrimore (Lead), Alan Lasnover, Bob McClendon, Bob Ning and Claudia Spencer worked extremely hard - as was apparent from their intense meetings in an adjacent room before our Thursday Morning sessions for the past two months! If you are an NCC Member, you should have received an email copy of their report. Their proposals will be discussed and voted upon at the upcoming Annual Meeting. And with that lead in, let me point out that our 33rd Annual Meeting and Luncheon is almost upon us so if you haven’t yet registered to attend you should consider doing so quite soon. As background, it will be held on June 13 at the Bernardo Heights Country Club in Rancho Bernardo. The doors will open at 10:30 AM and Professor Ronald Bee will begin his presentation on “The Future of Europe” at 11:00. A delicious lunch of your choice of salmon, steak or mushroom fettucine will be served at 12:15.

Additional information, as well as instructions about registering, is available at And finally, I would like to use the 100 words or so I have left to thank Cy Chadley and his excellent Program Committee for the truly outstanding job they have been doing in structuring our Thursday Morning Programs so that every week brings new insights into a truly eclectic collection of topics. This month of May, for example, - which moved from the recollections of an African refugee to the insights of a top US military strategist to the experience of someone doing business in advanced technology manufacturing in China to an analysis of the evolution of modern socialism and concludes with a probing analysis of our US Constitution’s rules for foreign policy – is a great demonstration of their fine work! Thank you

For further information, email Cy Chadley at Upcoming events of the San Diego World Affairs Council and our North County Chapter can be seen on

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