October 24th, 12 - 2 PM (PDT)

Featured Guest Speaker: Professor and Former Ambassador James Bindenagel 

In Association with: The Wunderbar Together USA program

Annual Membership Meeting (Zoom)

  • October 24, 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAtcO-urzgjG93lYdWjB7yTpTIv99X2J7Nh




(Time change and speaker update)

When:   Saturday,  October 24, 2020

  • 1200-1:00 pm:  Business meeting  - membership participation needed.

  • 1-1:45 pm:  Guest Speaker :   Professor James Bindenagel (former Ambassador) speaking from Germany (10 pm European time) in association with the Wunderbar Together USA program.

  • 1:45-2:00 pm: Qs & As

  • 2:00 pm: Closing comments

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Social:   Provide a nice repast and drinks wherever you watch Zoom!! 

Agenda (Revised)

 12:00 p.m.: Meeting comes to order

Opening/Welcoming Comments by the President, Christine Sheckler (5 minutes)

12:05 p.m.  Brief Summary of SDWAC Accomplishments of the Past Year by Committee Chairs  

  • Finances - Manish Parikh

  • Volunteers & Interns (students) - Petya Dolaptchieva

  • Program - Mike Williams

  • PR/Communications - Mike Williams 

  • Membership - Joe Eldred/Lulu Hsu 

  • Development - Peter Meisen

  • Nominating Committee Chair Sabodh Garg -- Election of the Board of Directors for 2020-2022, as proposed by the Nominating Committee:a) (Re)Election of Current Board Members, and b) Election of New Board Members 

 ACTION:   a. Request for any Additions to the list of Proposed Directors by the Participants;  b. Official Vote

12:30 - Plans for the Coming Year – Christine Sheckler, President 
1. Election of Board Officers

2. Announcement of a new Vice President - Petya Dolapchieva

3. Announcement of a new Membership Chair - Lulu Hsu

4. Announcement of a new PR/Communication Subcommittee Chair: IT/Wild Apricot & Zoom Administrator - Joe Eldred

5. General Plans for the next year, 2020-2021

Request for Any Comments from the Members (5 minutes)

1:00 p.m.: Keynote Speaker – Professor James Bindenagel – live from Germany

2:00 p.m.: Closing Comments/Special Acknowledgement & Appreciation - Petya Dolaptchieva, Vice President 

Recognition of service:

  • David Edick - Board tenure expired, many thanks...(virtual presentation)

  • Ambassador Reno Harnish - thank you for Chairing the Program Committee for many years

  • Joe Eldred - thank you for Chairing the Membership Committee for many years

Final Closing Comments - Christine Sheckler, President.

About the Speaker:   Prof. James D. Bindenagel, is currently Senior Professor US-Botschafter a.D,  Center for Advanced Security, Strategy and Integration Studies (CASSIS), Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.   Recent publications:   “Germany: From Peace to Power? Can Germany lead in Europe without dominating it?,” “The Coronavirus Crisis Highlights Germany’s ‘Reluctant Leader’ Problem, Transatlantic Take,” and   "In a Dissolving World Order, Europe and Especially Germany Need a More Strategic Outlook'" .

Slate of Officers

Nominations for Current Board Members:

  • Joe Eldred

  • Sabodh Garg

  • Lulu Hsu

  • Stan Katz

  • Christine Sheckler

  • Petya Dolaptchieva

  • Deborah Dutilly

Nominations of New Board Members:

  • Himanshu (Manish) Parikh

  • Dennis-Michael Broussard

  • Ginatorado (Gina) Ing

Respectfully Submitted by the Nominations Committee:

Sabodh Garg, Chair

Reno Harnish

Lulu Hsu

Vickie Ladt

John Schlosser

Special Recognition to Departing Board Members

SDWAC thanks the following Board members for their service:

  • Ryan Williams

  • Evan Toma

  • David Edick Jr.

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PO Box 34010

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