May 5, 2021
Biden's Foreign Policy, 100 Days In; Leaving Afghanistan; Spotlight on India; Tensions in the South China Sea; Prospects for Détente with Iran; Palestinian and Israeli Elections; Chad; and Latin America
Quote of the Week
“I’m about to cancel all my Zoom meetings. I’m done with it. [...] We want people back to work, and my view is that sometime in September, October it will look just like it did before.”

-- Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, said Tuesday at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council.
Biden's Foreign Policy, 100 Days In 
Biden’s 100-Day Strategy: Under Promise and Over-Deliver" Elaine  Kamarck -- Brookings Institution, April 28, 2021  
Biden’s First Hundred Days” Richard Haass -- Project Syndicate, April 30, 2021 
Biden’s Welcome Climate Reboot and the Daunting Diplomacy Ahead” Susanne Dröge; Margareth Sembiring; Rebecca Peters -- Council of Councils, April 28, 2021 

100 Ideas for the First Hundred Days of the Biden Administration” Atlantic Council, April 29, 2021  
Leaving Afghanistan
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Reality of Afghanistan” John McLaughlin -- OZY, April 28, 2021 
Afghanistan’s Moment of Risk and Opportunity” Ashraf Ghani -- Foreign Affairs, May 4, 2021 

I Commanded a NATO Brigade in Afghanistan. Now Is Not the Time to Leave” James Creighton -- National Interest, April 28, 2021 

Even After Withdrawal, U.S. Retains Leverage Over Taliban” Karen Decker -- United States Institute of Peace, April 29, 2021 
Spotlight on India
"The End of Modi's Global Dreams" Sushant Singh -- Foreign Policy, May 3, 2021

Behind the Pandemic’s Devastation Is a Monumental Failure of Governance” Suhas Palshikar -- The Indian Express, April 30, 2021 

India Elections: Modi Party Defeated in West Bengal Battleground” Geeda Pandey -- BBC, May 3, 2021 

Biden’s Misstep in India” Thomas Wright -- The Atlantic, April 28, 2021 
Tensions in the South China Sea

"China Has Lost the Philippines Despite Duterte’s Best Efforts" Derek Grossman -- Foreign Policy, May 3, 2021
An Asymmetric Defense of Taiwan” Michael E. O’Hanlon -- The Brookings Institution, April 28, 2021 
Prospects for Détente with Iran
Iran Nuclear Talks Open a Window for Broader Middle East Security” Ambassador Hesham Youssef -- United States Institute of Peace, April 29, 2021 
Palestinian and Israeli Elections
Palestinians Postpone Long-Awaited Elections in West Bank and Gaza” Steve Hendrix; Hazem Balousha; Shira Rubin -- The Washington Post, April 29, 2021 
Netanyahu Misses Deadline, Political Future in Question” Josef Federman -- AP News, May 4, 2021 
How Can Israel Prevent an Eternal Merry-Go-Round of Elections?” Gideon Rahat -- Times of Israel, April 29, 2021 
Chad on the Brink

Could Chad be a ‘Time Bomb’ Affecting Algeria, Sahel in Africa?” Seth Frantzman -- The Jerusalem Post, May 3, 2021 

The Death of Chadian President Idris Déby Itno Threatens Stability in the Region¨ Alexandre Marc -- Brookings Institution, April 29, 2021 
Developments in Latin America
In Venezuela, a Quest for Sainthood Offers Proof of Miracles” Amy Mckeever -- National Geographic, May 4, 2021

Mexico’s President Is Giving the Armed Forces New Powers” The Economist, April 30, 2021

Brazil’s COVID-19 Deaths Top 400,000 Amid Fears of Worsening Crisis Emma Bowman; Philip Reeves -- NPR, April 29, 2021 

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