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September 2019 Programs

Sept. 5—Our memberBill Thayer, will discuss China, S. China Sea, Philippines.”  

In world affairs, a focus on China should be near the top of everyone's agenda.  This talk will address political, military and economic aspects of China including issues related to Hong Kong, the South China Sea, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, the Falun Gong, the Belt & Road Initiative, State Capitalism, Market Saturation and Tariffs.  A comparison of the economic systems of the Soviet Union, China and Japan will be made.  

William Thayer graduated from Stanford with a BS in Math and earned a Master's in Aerospace Engineering from USC and an MBA from USC.  


Sept. 12—Our guest, Professor Jeffrey McIllwain, will discuss “Organizing Crime for State & Non-State Interests - Past, Present, Future”. 

This presentation describes an analytical framework that explains the process of organizing crime across time and space while illustrating the interdependent roles and functions of upperworld and underworld networks, structures, and institutions engaged in it. Organized crime is presented not as a virus preying on an otherwise healthy global political economy (in part or whole), but as an intrinsic structure of everyday life.  

Dr. Jeffrey McIllwain is an associate professor of criminal justice and public administration in the School of Public Affairs and a Fellow in the Weber Honors College at San Diego State University.  

Please advise Tibor Varga by the 9th of September if you wish to attend the limited seating round table lunch which will take place after the meeting. (

Sept. 19— Our member, Bob Meyer, will discuss “The Impact of Smuggling on World Affairs.”  This presentation describes how modern smuggling forms a vast global parallel economy, which emerges in times of stress and then flourishes for decades once it has taken root.  By virtue of its clandestine nature, smuggling provides a primary funding source and the sole logistics chain for terrorism and insurgencies. At the same time smuggling spawns entrenched corruption, badly undermining the rule of law and weakening licit economies.  Mainstream players on the world stage also may ally with smuggling networks to gain advantage over adversaries. Bob Meyer worked at Hughes for a decade and retired as an Engineering Fellow from BAE Systems.  He obtained his BA from Wesleyan Univ. and earned a Ph.D. in nuclear physics from the Univ. of Massachusetts in Amherst. 

Please advise Tibor Varga by Sept. 16 if you wish to attend the limited seating round table lunch which takes place following the meeting.   (


Sept. 26—Our guest, Professor Mark Heckman, will discuss, “International Cyber Security Issues and International Cyber Conduct: What is Going On Out There?”  

Professor Heckman will describe international conventions about cyber conduct and whether they are followed. Are we entering a world where the risks of cyber mutually assured destruction/damage may help limit bad conduct?   He will also discuss responses to cyber terrorism and international theft and extortion of intellectual property.  

Professor Heckman has worked, researched, and taught in the field of information security for over 30 years, His publications include:  “The Promise and Limits of Big Data for Improving Intrusion Detection”; and “Toward a Maritime Cyber Security Compliance Regime”.  

Please advise Tom Reeve by September 23rd if you wish to attend the limited seating round-table lunch which will take place after the meeting.  (

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