The complicated world we live in is illuminated a bit more every week at the North County Chapter’s Thursday Morning Forum in Rancho Bernardo. These free, weekly talks address a range of global topics in a relaxed and social atmosphere. Forums begin with a coffee social at 9:30 a.m., followed by a program at 10 a.m. and Q&A from 11:10 a.m. to noon. The public is invited and no reservation is needed. 

Unless otherwise indicated, Forums are held at the Remington Club (Phase II), 16916 Hierba Drive, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA 92128. Parking is available in the adjacent shopping center. 

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March Programs

March 5th - Our member, Mr. Tibor Varga, will present Switzerland - A Multi-Cultural Success Story of Direct Democracy.  In Switzerland, diverging interests and opinions are mediated by traditions and institutions in a pragmatic quest for staying alive and thriving.  Unique and self-directed communities and cantons realized that the long-term benefits of cooperation eclipse the potential benefits of going alone. The autonomy of local communities and cantons with direct citizen control of the political process and power may be a promising approach to reduce the cycle of destructive conflicts and abuses of power around the world.  

Mr. Varga, born in Hungary, is a civil engineer and water treatment specialist. 

March 12th - Our guest, Professor Allen Greb, will present Estonia: Security and Stability in the Baltics.  The talk will explore the following questions:  What are tiny Estonia's major security concerns?  What are its relationships with Russia, the European Union and the US?  The talk will also examine two new developments:  the growing influence of China in Estonia, and the impact of the rise of a new far right party (EKRE) on Estonian democracy and foreign policy. 

Prof. Allen Greb is the coordinator of the International Security and Conflict Resolution and Professor of Political Science at SDSU. 

A Round Table Lunch will take place following the meeting.  Contact Mehdi Sarram at for inclusion and additional information.


March 19th - Our member, Dr. James Larrimore, will examine the question, How does the IAEA verify nuclear non-proliferation in 181 States around the world. He will present the challenging roles of the IAEA Inspector as Nuclear Accountant and as Inquisitive Inspector, show what equipment an inspector uses, and explain how an inspection is carried out. He will also address what verification by IAEA various States accept, IAEA’s global verification task, and IAEA verification performed under mandate of the UN Security Council in Iraq and in Iran. 

Dr. Larrimore worked for 16 years on nuclear verification at IAEA in Vienna.


March 26th - Our member, Dr. Farouk al Nasser will present Syrian Civil War: Refugees, Death and Destruction.  The 2011 revolt against the Assad Regime in Syria didn’t come out of the blue. It was the outcome of the decades of frustrations and instability following Syria’s independence from France in 1946. The genesis of the revolt was 48 years of authoritarian, minority rule, and Ba’thist government.  Today, Syria is a destroyed nation with millions of refugees in neighboring countries and Europe and civilian death tolls estimated to be over 500,000. It will take Syria decades to recover and the situation is a monumental financial and political challenge for the International community.

Upcoming events of the San Diego World Affairs Council and our North County Chapter can be seen on and 

Note:  Upcoming events of the San Diego World Affairs Council and our North County Chapter can be seen on and 

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