Randa Coniglio, President/CEO Port of San Diego
December 7th, 2015 Annual Meeting and Banquet - Port of San Diego: A Catalyst for Regional Growth

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Anatolii Stepanov (AFP)

Is Peace Possible in Ukraine?

Event review On Monday, October 5th, our Flashpoints series hosted a discussion titled “Is Peace Possible in Ukraine?” We welcomed three experts who contributed with different perspectives about the conflict in Ukraine, the roles of Russia and the United States,

Migrants 2

The Migration Crisis: Europe, the Middle East and the NGO Community

The immigration crisis in Europe continues to intensify. Some European countries have welcomed the refugees while others have closed their borders. At the same time, the conflicts driving the massive exodus go on unabated. Amidst the huge humanitarian challenges on the

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Spain: Our Forgotten Ally in the American Revolutionary War

Join us for tapas, sangria, and an illuminating presentation by Judge Ed Butler “Without Spanish assistance during the American Revolutionary War, we would still be under the British flag.” Co-Sponsors San Diego World Affairs Council House of Spain (Casa de

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Academic World Quest

A National Quiz Competition for High School Students Curious about the world? Love to travel? Want a career in foreign affairs, diplomacy, international trade, or humanitarian work? Test your knowledge with Academic WorldQuest! 


International Business Briefings

The San Diego World Affairs Council offers business briefings and luncheons to promote international commerce in the Greater San Diego region. About SDWAC International Business Briefings The luncheon programs are designed to be a combination of cultural education, public diplomacy


Travel the World

The San Diego World Affairs Council, through the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia offers extraordinary and educational Travel the World trips to fascinating destinations. With established current connections around the world, every continent is covered. Leaders of tours are often



Discover the world by following our discussion on topics such as world affairs, global issues, conflict & security, and council updates.

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Total Power, Inc. was founded in 1997 with the sole purpose of developing the most advanced fuel treatment system in the world. It works to drive industrial efficiency and sustainability through technologically advanced engineering.

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As a nationally ranked Catholic university, the University of San Diego is dedicated to preparing ethical and compassionate leaders inspired to create lasting social change in our global society.