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Upcoming WAC Events

Embassy Row Live! Qatar: Women's Status; NATO 2030 Recap; Star Speakers; Atlanta Summit on Global Health; WACA Best Practices in June; WACA & Councils Hiring; AWQ Task Force; and more!

Note: This week's Weekly World News Update will appear on Thursday.
President's Letter
Dear Friends,
Opening up – again, ever gradually. Reflecting on how to bridge so many divides. Airing our ideas, with civility, as we move forward in our work - from home, office, some favorite third place, or some combination thereof.
We, the pandemic survivors, have been living so much history these past 15 months – mostly indoors, never leaving home without a mask. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s easing of COVID restrictions on May 21 (more still to be lifted on June 11) has made it possible for a lot of us in the nation's capital to see smiles and have our smiles seen. I find it moving. (Whereas my first few handshakes – three, to be exact – have been oddly awkward.)
For the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, join CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, who gives a keynote talk at WAC Atlanta's Global Health Summit today (June 2).

Questions from Council colleagues about when and how to reopen for in-person events are streaming into WACA. Council leaders from KC, Denver, LA, and Jacksonville among others will have even better advice, so please be sure to join our June 24 Programming After COVID Best Practices session.
Exactly a year ago, I wrote the network calling for a moment of silence for George Floyd. Today, President Biden traveled to Oklahoma to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre and outline his administration's plans to combat racial inequality. Councils are working hard to build diversity, equity, and inclusion into their programming, outreach, and organizational DNA. I commend WorldBoston's June 8 convening "scoop": Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley is the State Department's inaugural Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Don't miss her in conversation with Ambassador Nick Burns.
Turning to what I call peak Zoom (for me May was a personal record), I'm looking forward to "less is moreI" One that I am excited to flag is the Traverse City International Affairs Forum's Foreign Policy Mashup, June 17, featuring yours truly. I’ll be airing some thoughts on the domestic-international connection in U.S. foreign policy and a handful of critical issues shaping America’s role in the world.
This conversation is one of several this month that will help frame the WACA 2021 National Conference. We will celebrate WACA’s 35th anniversary as a national association during our November 16-19 event at The Mayflower Hotel. I can hardly wait to see you here in DC for what will be a memorable reunion!
Warm regards and happy Pride Month,
Bill Clifford
President and CEO
Embassy Row Live! with Dr. Hend Al-Muftah
Qatar: Women's Status & Expected Democracy
Thursday, June 3, at 12:00 PM ET
Join us Thursday, June 3 at 12:00 PM ET for WACA's Embassy Row Live! - conversations that bring diplomacy directly to you. This special platform spotlights distinguished diplomats and foreign dignitaries to share new ideas, policy developments, and possible solutions to critical international challenges.

Dr. Hend Al-Muftah is one of the first female Qataris to be appointed by the Emir as a member of Qatar's Shura Council. Dr. Al-Muftah will join us in examining women's status in Qatar, the upcoming Shura Council election, and expected democracy.
Star Speakers This Week
Evgenia Arbugaeva
National Geographic Fellow
Amb. Capricia Marshall
Amb.-in-Res., Atlantic Council
Robin Nandy
Chief of Immunization, UNICEF
Jason Riley
 Sen. Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Laura Belmonte
Professor, Virginia Tech
Joyce Davis
President, WAC Harrisburg
Recordings for NATO 2030:
Strengthening the Alliance to Address New Security Threats
With the next Summit of Allied Leaders set to take place at NATO headquarters in Brussels on June 14, the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) presented this forward-looking online speaker series May 17-27, 2021 with six World Affairs Councils across the network hosting senior-level NATO officials and ambassadors from Allied countries! Be sure to visit our dedicated website for this special program.

NATO 2030 YouTube Playlist

Did you miss any of last week's NATO 2030 programs? You can find the recordings on WACA's YouTube Channel as well as on the nato2030waca.org homepage.
9th Annual Atlanta Summit on Global Health:
The Race to Beat Covid-10
June 1 - 3, 2021
The World Affairs Council of Atlanta –in collaboration with CARE USA, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and The Carter Center – hosts its 9th annual Atlanta Global Health Summit. The Summit convenes health experts from the public and private sectors, including senior CDC leadership, Washington policymakers and think tanks, and health experts from the US, the United Kingdom, Africa and India.

Speakers include CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.
WACA Best Practices: Programming Beyond Covid
Thursday, June 24, at 3:00 PM ET
WACA is please to host the fourth WACA Best Practices Session this month! On Thursday, June 24, at 3:00 PM ET, we will consider what programming beyond Covid looks like for the World Affairs Councils network.

The program will begin with a presentation from Nathan Hermiston, Senior Vice President of Sales and Services for Visit KC, who will paint the national landscape of event trends, event spaces, hybrid opportunities, and more. 

Then John Krieger, Executive Director of WorldDenver, will guide us through a conversation with fellow Council representatives Marian Shima, Vice President of Events and Public Affairs at the Los Angeles WAC & TH, and Trina Medarev, Executive Director and CEO of WAC Jacksonville.

After hearing from these insightful colleagues, stay on the line for small-group discussions. Different groups will cover in-person safety considerations and hybrid event considerations. When you register, please indicate which group you would like to join! (If you can, do hold an extra 30 minutes for extended informal discussion from 4:00-4:30 PM ET.)

While you’re at it, please mark your calendars for the next WACA Best Practices Session on Thursday, July 8 at 3:00 PM ET on Organizational Mergers in World Affairs Councils.
Note: Registration is open to Council staff and boards. More than one person per Council may attend.
Watch the April and May Best Practice Sessions' Diversity Recordings

Member Councils can access the April and May WACA Best Practices Sessions: (1) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and (2) Diversity in Programming and Young Professionals recordings and materials by visiting the Members Resources webpage and selecting the "Best Practices Meetings" square.

Highlights of Past Events

“Bulgaria: Political, Economic, and Commercial Crossroads Today” PDF

“From Harm to Home: Arc of the Refugee Crisis: Global Challenges, Local Solutions" PDF

Check Out the Full Presentation Recording in DropBox HERE!


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